We The People, of the Colorado Free State in Republic for the United States of America, have lawfully assembled and have re-inhabited the de jure jurisdictional governmental seats vacated when the corporate municipalities known to us today as the UNITED STATES and the STATE OF COLORADO were formed.

The de jure (original) government for the United States of America was founded as a Constitutional Republic 1789. A Republic is a form of government that adheres to the Rule of Law and protecting Individual Rights (not Public Policy Rules that protect corporations). Before the Civil War actually started (in 1860), the then President of America was forced to close down the original de jure congress "Sine Die" because 11 of the Southern States of the time wanted to secede from the union, thereby diluting the needed 2/3 quorum to pass anything in that de jure Congress. After the Civil War on February 21, 1871, the forty-first congress passed an Act titled: "An Act To Provide A Government for the District of Columbia" or the "Act of 1871". By passing this act, they, under no constitutional authority, formed a private corporation called "The District of Columbia", which is a ten square mile parcel of land located between Maryland and Virginia. The names "THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT", "United States", "U.S.", "U.S.A", "USA" and "America" were trademarked. In essence, this Act formed the corporation we now know today as the "UNITED STATES". This newly formed corporation was owned and operated by the new post war government that was covertly reconstructed for the purpose of carrying out its business under martial law declared by President Abraham Lincoln. The government was bankrupted by the war and began issuing bonds to cover expenses. The majority of these bonds were purchased by several very powerful and wealthy families. When they demanded redemption of these bonds, the Treasury of the United States of America didn't have sufficient funds to cover them. These families accepted the assets of the nation's Treasury as payment. By 1913 the heads of these families refused to loan the U.S. any more money, instead they made arrangements to create the Federal Reserve Bank which would privately fund U.S. corporate endeavors. This bank still operates to this day.

The original organic Constitution was called: "The Constitution for the united states of America". In 1871, this was changed to "THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" and the original 13th Amendment "The Titles of Nobility Amendment", was covertly dropped from most archives. This original amendment banned individuals holding titles of nobility from holding office (attorneys). This newly fabricated corporate constitution operates in an economic capacity essentially placing commerce above individual American sovereign unalienable rights. It gave the newly reconstructed congress the unconstitutional authority to make corporate laws, but only within the ten square mile District of Columbia. This is not the same document that governs the de jure Republic forms of government under which this nation was founded. When this nation was formed, The People were considered to have God given sovereign rights with this fact enumerated through The Declaration of Independence and the original 1789 Constitution. Today under the de facto (acting as) corporate version governments, people are considered "citizens" and/or "residents", and are granted "inalienable rights" and "governmental privileges" (thus noting differences in spellings of unalienable vs. inalienable), establishing a new form of indentured servant (subject to the government) through the quantification of their labor, productivity, and facility, into an artificial abstraction, in instruments called Federal Reserve Notes (and statutory Legal Law), more commonly known today as "legal money" not lawful tender under the original de jure 1789 Constitution. This fiat currency (un-backed by lawful tender 1789 Constitutional silver and gold) is owned and issued by the private creditors of the U.S. government. These paper notes which are backed by nothing and cannot be redeemed for any hard or tangible asset, are used to pay taxes to fund the U.S. government corporation which in turn funds its creditors, thus creating a pyramidal, top down, hierarchical, system of control which places The People at the bottom of this structure and a few individuals operating at the top clandestinely. Since the entire world now operates within this paradigm and the dollar is used as the world reserve currency, the individual power of the people has been covertly usurped and handed over to a small elite oligarchy. The very structure of our nation was completely inverted and government entrusted power was inversely used to serve its creditors instead of the people.

In a Republic, government is controlled by Law, which means that government cannot control Law. The people entrusted government to deal with foreign governments, create money and infrastructure, and to assist the Sovereign American People in civil and criminal remedies against trespasses. The people are thereby left alone to control their own lives, land and property, as free, peace loving individuals. Those seated in de jure government offices are sworn to uphold and support the 1789 Constitutional Supreme Law of the land and to serve in Trust, ensuring authority comes only from the people themselves and not the government. In our original Republic not only were the people recognized as sovereign right citizens, but the states were also independent Republics-foreign to the national government. Today under the corporate governments, the States are merely sub-servent corporate subsidiaries of The District of Columbia. The organic 1789 Constitution enumerated a simple Federal government to serve a unified nation of limited sovereign right republic states directed by and comprised by American sovereign right Citizens serving each other for the greater good.

Today we are proud to declare, the abandoned structure of our Republic form of government has been successfully restored. The lights are back on. The People have assembled and have seated the vacated offices of the de jure Republic for the united States of America and the Colorado Free State. The People have taken back rightful and lawful ownership of their one true government. We now have a Republic that reasserts those God given sovereign Unalienable Rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. We ask that you stand up and assemble with The People to peacefully inhabit and support this lawful government established for us by the blood of our forefathers. Never again will we concede to tyranny, control, and manipulation, through mass deception and coercion. We ask that you become a part of this nation of, for and by The People, with the mandated purpose to serve in Trust and Integrity ensuring Freedom and Justice for every single individual. The bus has finally arrived and you are invited to climb on board and join YOUR Republic.

Welcome aboard.

The People